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Customers can enjoy full size printed 6m x 3m edged billboard, 5.0 formats &
up to long span 100m x 4.95m Spectactular prints with ultimate grand format runs .
Capabilities and experience to handle Jumbo Air, Roadside and Stadium sized billboard printing in Australia and New Zealand.

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We make it faster

Printed and delivered within days from modern Australian and New Zealand facilities, quality and speed drive our business.

Shipped to your location

Producing printed media for over 2000 client locations, we'll be able to ready any outdoor advertising campaign you put in front of us.

Super Fast Production

In-house design, print equipment and in-house finishing all mean that your orders are delay free and totally managed ready to ship.

The Billboard Printer

Australia's and New Zealand's best outdoor.

"The leading cheap supplier of BIG printed flexibles and outdoor size advertising signage banners."

Agency Quality, Print to Size, Primary Finishing and Custom Setup

Billboard skins, Landmark, Super Structures, Lift on Lift off, 24 Sheeters (6x3), 36 Sheeters, TBP is visual communications billboard printing company with machines capable of printing outdoor media, bus shelter, posters, instore retail graphics and outdoor advertising. The simple 3 step process quickly enhances the graphic designers resources for acccuracy, proofing and print production. It allows you as a reseller more options for your creative graphic media with lower costs.

Printed and delivered within days from Australian and New Zealand facilities, customers can enjoy full size 6m x 3m edged billboard up to single span 19m x 4.95m Spectactular prints. Capabilities and experience to handle Jumbo Air, Relocatable Roadside and Stadium sized outdoor billboard printing companies Australia and New Zealand.

All sizes All designs

Nozzle Heads

What is the size of a billboard skin?

Name Viewing Size Material Oversize GSM Graphic Setup
Note: For strength, we STILL traditionally hem all sides AND Keder edge offering triple reinforcement. Avoid downscale. Design FULL size.
BULLETIN 14600 x 4250 mm +25mm Hem All Sides 510 14650 x 4300 1:1 @72dpi
GIANT 6900 x 3150mm +25mm Hem All Sides 510 6950 x 3200 1:1 @72dpi
PREMIERE 7250 x 3650 mm +25mm Hem All Sides 510 7300 x 3700 1:1 @72dpi
SUPERSITE 12660 x 3350 mm +25mm Hem All Sides 510 12710 x 3400 1:1 @72dpi
24 Sheet 6000 x 3000 mm +25mm Hem All Sides 510 6050 x 3050 1:1 @72dpi
Portrait Wall 4000 x 6000 mm +25mm Hem All Sides 510 4050 x 6050 1:1 @72dpi
Landmark Custom Sizes +25mm Hem All Sides 440~880 Any Size 1:1 @72dpi
Bridge & Super8 8300 x 2200 mm +25mm Hem All Sides 510 8300 x 2250 @72dpi
Mobile & Transit
Mobile Trailer 6 x 3 6000 x 3000 mm +25mm Hem All Sides 510 6050 x 3050 1:1 @72dpi
Mobile Scooter Check with Hire firm +25mm Hem All Sides 440 Custom Size, 1:1 @72dpi
Rail & Bus Many. Ask Media Company +25mm Hem All Sides 510 Custom Size, 1:1 @72dpi
Street Furniture Many. Ask Media Company +25mm Hem All Sides 510 Custom Size, 1:1 @72dpi
Important: We custom print sizes matched any dimensions.
Important: Check structure dimensions pre-order. Production sizes vary from site to site.
Important: GSM options. 440, 510, 560(most popular), 680, 880 and 1080.

Edged Skins

Keder, Weld, Sew, Hem, Slide, Grip... TBP are able to assist your setup perfectly for edged & framed appliances

Templating is easy, fast, free and online. A client can input the size of their billboard for accurate costs and manufacturing specifications when printing a large supersite, spectactular or 24/36 sheet billboard.

Design Tips That Work!

  • Make it SIMPLE and BOLD
  • Limit copy, no more than 8 words
  • Focus on ONE key idea
  • Use LARGE fonts
  • No thin lines
  • Use ALL THE AREA, no whitespace
  • Color is powerful
  • High Contrast = Visibility
  • Keep it SIMPLE

Billboard Media Materials

Outdoor media stocks suited to the purpose ranging from 440gsm~560gsm with special 510~880 site specific. From wall mount banners to large scaffold and free-flowing hoardings structures, we can advise and supply the best material flexibles. Full depth resolution and high presence color output makes choosing us a clear winner.

Delivery Everywhere!

Banners, Signs & Posters

PVC, Fabric and diverse specialty publicity materials suited for your street outdoor banners, cheap to buy, best to use. Choices include rope and eyelet.

Impressive outdoor advertising industry solutions.

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Areas Serviced

Australia & New Zealand, PNG, Fiji & Pacific

Equipment List

BULK SUPPLIER. As we grow and grow trade services for customers we are also improving bulk discount opportunities for media outlets. If your a high demand user or over 3,000m pcm, we'll be able to dramatically reduce prices for you.

1600 Machinery


Fast machinery well suited to banners, posters and event signage.

  • Purpose : Banners & Signs
  • Speed: Xtra Fast
Buy Direct - Factory to you service

Retail Banners, Signs and Posters

Supplying cheap window posters and outdoor banners for customers, our extra fast print stations offer 24hr service.

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Worksite Hoarding 1600~2300mm

Beneficial for realty and worksite projects, large long span hoarding printed billboard is an exciting advertisign technique employed by the realty industry for pre-sale allotments, buildings, suburb and land holdings. Billboard construction for land holdings and sales is a simple frame solution and offers the partnering realtor or agent a flexible way of 'outdoor advertising' that changes skins as the land sales achieve milestone targets. They can see examples in use and now available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Plywood hoarding and fence

Do it today

Speed, Color Output and in-stock materials all mean that as an outdoor advertising supplier you can resell print matters to your clients knowing that SBO are well backed to support your visual accounts.

RELIABLE SERVICE. If your firm requires a dedicated monthly output above 1000m2, well initiate our 'Reliable Service' program. It's cheaper again and allocates production time and space with regular print slots for your orders.

Do it today

3200 Machinery


Everyday production of common billboards and large custom banners.

  • Purpose : Billboards
  • Speed: 105 mtr/h
Custom orders, sizes and colors

Billboards, Roadside, Rail, Hoarding

OUTDOOR MEDIA, Genuine UV protection inks, durable pvc vinyl and skins, high ink level application and depth all give you as an advertiser better outdoor durability, color and life.

Jumbo rail and roadside billboards and posters are quickly set and delivered nationally via tracked courier systems.

Custom & Standard Sizes


All systems are interchangeable and movable. It is very common for a skin to 'travel' from site to site and eventually be fixed permanently to a wall.

Lets start talking...

Tiered Pricing

Offering project managers tiered structures and planning for high demand, high volume and price orientated sites.

Forward Storage

Large campaign management may require short term or forward storage (eg. Annual Events - Pre Release Productions - Political etc.) We offer storage of completed post-production works for advertising companies, event and realty.


Send us the best copy of art you have. Our team will expertly set it for manufacturing a quality print at full size, full resolution and full color.


We do use a variety of inking systems. Eco, UV, Latex etc all specified for 'OUTDOOR' anti-fade applications. We print ink depth levels 320+(4col-CMYK) offering your media prints 20% longer life via those amazing lifelike results and vivid advertising colors we are able to reproduce. If your a brand manager, this equates to color quality of UV exposure and vivid color advertising results that pop!

Brand advertising

Clear Coat

Extend outdoor exposure fading with additional UV degradation protection. Ideal for installed building signage and long term outdoor. Applied Clear Coat can be reapplied bi-annually.

Trade Colour

Are you looking to consistantly supply your client with accuracy and 'branded' color. WE keep excellent profiles for all trade sign firms and printing company vinyls, posters, corporates and agency clientele. Agency and print media partners can specifiy profiling-campaign rulings matched to output.

Trade & Corporate Color Profiling

5000 Machinery


Giant billboards, building signs, hanging displays, outdoor media & more.

  • Purpose : Super Sites
  • Speed: 75 mtr/h
All sizes are available TRADE SUPPLY

Big Signs & Banner shop

We specialize in big realty, building and frame. From 1 to 1000, 10m2 to 225m2, inhouse print and inhouse finish offers you direct gain to the factory that prints most of the retailer skins for all areas.

Jumbo rail and roadside billboards and posters are quickly set and delivered nationally via tracked courier systems.

The Big Signs Specialist


Outdoor media is branding. It's a full message, contrasting, logo driven, campaign driven brand creator and that's why it's so effective for your local, citywide, national or international brand recognition.

Modern branding is so important!

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Easy! Start a conversation now with our banner shop team. They'll be able to offer your the lowest out-of-home prices ever and help you obtain the best result graphics matched to the skin size you need.

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All products are UV-STABILISED - FIRE RETARDANT - ANTI MOULD - Available Custom Size.

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